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Epson PowerLite 93+ projector is easy on your pockets

I remember back in my younger days, projectors were considered to be bulky and expensive – and they generally do not do well in fairly lighted conditions, preferring the confines of a room that cockroaches love – in pitch black darkness. Well, technology has certainly progressed a long way since then, and companies do churn out projectors that will run just fine (and silently, too) in a relatively bright room, and at higher resolutions, too. The Epson PowerLite 93+ projector is one of the latst models from Epson that target K-12 classrooms, where it will take over where the current PowerLite 93 left off.
Boasting high performance features such as 200 more lumens compared to its predecessor, the Epson PowerLite 93+ projector will also feature a robust built-in speaker and advanced connectivity features, making it perfect for schools who want to future-proof their classrooms without breaking their bank where an affordable projection solution is concerned.

The PowerLite 93+ will deliver 2,600 lumens of color and white light output, ensuring your eyes will see crisp images with XGA resolution. Not only that, the projector itself also ships with a range of connectivity features, ranging from RJ-45 wired LAN connectivity for remote projector management, to the ability of using a virtual remote control through a web browser for basic projector control from a computer instead, and HDMI support amongst others.
You need not hook up the Epson PowerLite 93+ projector to an external speaker although that would help if audio cues in your presentation are important in getting the message across, otherwise its powerful, internal 16-watt speaker should be good enough to fill up the average classroom with sound while helping you save on equipment costs. Not only that, a built-in closed captioning decoder ensures presentations are accessible to viewers with hearing impairments without the need to fork out more money.
There are pre-designed line and graph pattern templates or customizable images to aid in instruction, helping teachers save valuable class time by doing away with the need for teachers to draw lines and grids on a whiteboard or blackboard; while Epson remains committed to the environment with a timer that can be set to power off projector if no signal is received. Expect the Epson PowerLite 93+ to retail for $699 when it arrives this March.
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