Epson PowerLite 1835 projector unveiled

Epson has pulled up the curtains that have been hiding the PowerLite 1835 projector all this while, where this model will target both the corporate and higher education markets by delivering setup flexibility, future proof connectivity, advanced networking, 3,500 lumens of color and white light output and XGA resolution, all rolled into a single package. It isn’t too expensive either at $1,199 a pop accompanied by a two year limited warranty, so if your company or home is in need of a new projector without having to think about wireless HDMI and all the newer technologies, then the PowerLite 1835 is shaping up to be a pretty attractive candidate.

What the Epson PowerLite 1835 delivers is setup, connectivity and networking features that is perfect for just about any boardroom or classroom, where among them include image adjustment capability that lets the horizontal keystone square the image even if the projector is placed off-center from the screen. The Quick Corner function will enable any four corners of an image to be adjusted independently for a perfectly rectangular picture. As for positioning flexibility, you will get 1.6x optical zoom that enables larger images to be viewed from shorter throw distances while doing away with the need for dead spaces. As for its 16-degree tilt, this enables images to be projected higher on the wall for better viewing anywhere in the room.
Connectivity options are aplenty – while you won’t get wireless HDMI, stock HDMI is more than capable of delivering a similar high-quality digital video and audio experience although you will still need to watch out for those snaking cables around the home, with USB Plug ‘n Play transferring image, sound and mouse control via a single cable. There is also a PC-free Presentation option, letting you access your plugged in USB memory devices sans a computer as a middleman, while an optional wireless connection allows for peer-to-peer presentations as well as advanced wireless networking.
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