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Epson Home Cinema 3700 offers a comfortable home entertainment experience

epson-home-cinema-3700When it comes to watching a movie or a big game back at home, most of us would settle for a regular TV. However, there is the option of having a projector to get the job done, which ought to be able to deliver a far larger viewing experience — assuming you have a wall or projection screen that is large enough, that is. How about catching the upcoming Academy Awards live on a larger viewing area compared to your regular TV with the Epson Home Cinema 3700?

It might still be bitterly cold on the outside for those of you living in the northern hemisphere, so you might as well kill time by staying indoors and enjoying the latest movies and TV shows in the warm indoors. The Epson Home Cinema 3700 will be able to get the job done, and then some. Perfect for big-screen family movie nights, it can also be used to host gaming tournaments in the man cave, or perhaps to let you binge on streaming TV shows in the living room, not to mention set the perfect tone for a romantic big-screen date night at home.

Small enough to be carried around easily, the Epson Home Cinema 3700 will offer flexible installation as well as 3,000 lumens of color brightness and 3,000 lumens of white brightness, ensuring that it can deliver in a spectacularly bright manner regardless of the viewing environment.

It does come with integrated sound and color modes, making the setup process a snap even in extremely tight places. You can place the Epson Home Cinema 3700 on a bookshelf, or even to mount it on the ceiling. It also has a 1.6x zoom that ensures easy installation in virtually any room, allowing one to project a 110-inch image from just 10.5 feet away. With wide vertical lens shift and zoom lens, positioning is a snap for a range of environments. The Epson Home Cinema 3700 will retail for $1,499 a pop.

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