Epoq strike again: the first truly wearable PMP watch

After their super-small MP4-capable PMP, Epoq seem to have decided to go further and bring video goodness to your wrist. But the video-playing capabilities are just a tiny part of what it has to offer…

First of all, think about how the other wrist-PMP-s look like: hunks of plastic with a rubber band and a TFT display. Now, let’s analyze the looks of this: a leather band, a thin metal body with stylish buttons and a chained port protector. Cool design! The whole device is kept thin by its OLED display. The display brings a lot of goodness with it: it uses very little power (almost nothing when the watch is displaying just the time), allowing for a lot of playback time (6 hours of video!).

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Tech specs:

  1. 1,5 inch 128×128 pixels OLED display
  2. plays back MP3, WMA and SMV (mp-4 converted with included application)
  3. 5 equalizer presets and Super Bass mode for audio
  4. image, e-book and lyrics viewers; thumbnail or slideshow viewing for pictures
  5. voice recorder
  6. FM radio
  7. 2 GB of flash storage (4 GB available soon)

Of course, it would be impossible to get all this goodness for $170 and not have any strings attached. The first and most obvious one: You’d end up losing your eyesight, were you to watch anything more than short clips on it. The second is video-related too: unlike with most Epoq players, you must use and attached converter to make videos work on the player.

Available at FirstToYou, found at Wrist Dreams