ePillow for the iPad

If you are one of those who needs a last-minute gift for an iPad user, it is here, better late than never.
Actually, I’m sure that the ePillow has been out for a while now, but I only got a chance to recently try it out. It is designed to use the iPad or other Tablet comfortably while sitting or lying down. There is a video of it after the jump.
It really comes in handy on an airplane, and works a heck of a lot better than using the airplane tray table. Not only that, but the ePillow is good as a headrest in case you get tired on the plane ride.
Another handy feature of the ePillow is the carry-on strap which allows the user to drop it through the handle of luggage, like the kinds that you drag behind you on wheels. There is also a small pocket that is just big enough to hold an iPhone.
I would recommend this ePillow as the most comfortable way to use a tablet. It is something I would only use before I was about to fall asleep, as the ePillow would just be tempting sleep for actual work on the iPad (or other tablet).
You should be able to get the ePillow for about $29.95 from the official site. It is available in all kinds of colors like Brown, Black, Red/Grey, Aqua/Grey, Pink/Black, Black/Pink, and Red/Black.