Envirobank Gives you Money for Recyclables

This next product is for those who are truly “greening their routine”. I myself usually take a trip to the recycling plant once per week. Sadly, this has nothing to do with my love for Mother Earth. It just so happens that I can save a lot of money on my garbage bill.

Envirobank has figured out a way that consumers can deposit their recyclables in a conveniently located machine, and give them a cash reward for their ecologically sound actions. These machines have been called “reverse vending machines” as users give aluminum cans to the machine, and it gives them money right back.

In addition to aluminum cans, these machines accept PET, HDPE, and PVC recyclable materials as well as brown, clear, and green glass. My sources say that some of these machines can hold up to 3,000 containers.

I am assuming that some recycler eventually comes by and picks up all the drop-offs, replenishes the money slot, and the recyclables will already be cleaned and crushed. I believe that in order to receive the payments for the recycled trash, the user needs to watch a video via an LCD screen on the machine itself.

This new system of reverse vending machines has already been deployed in Australia, but only on a trial basis. Personally, I think a system like this could easily change the world, and maybe even save the Earth in the process.


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