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This Entryway Hanger holds your mail, keys, and sanity

Coat and Key rack

If you don’t have a system in place to keep yourself organized, it can be easy to lose track of important things that you might need in a day, which can get incredibly frustrating when you’re rushing out the door. When we come home from work, we toss down everything in our hands, which usually includes our phone, keys, bag, and mail. If you have a habit of walking through the house and setting things down on a table rather than putting them all in one place, then it’s easy to understand how things could get lost so quickly.

If you want to start organizing things and forcing yourself to deal with the mail as it comes in, then this Coat and Key Rack can help you sort out your life. Well, at least the part of your life that happens when immediately stepping through the door. It has three two-pronged coat hooks that can hold your jacket or keys, and immediately behind it is a slot for mail and your phone (even though your phone would likely only sit there for seconds at a time).

There is a shelf above the mail sorting section where you can place knick knacks, coupons, plants, or whatever else tickles your fancy. This is hand made out of hard wood, and will cost you $80. Can you go to a hardware store, buy all the necessary supplies and make this at home? Yes. Do you have the time, money, experience, and space to do this project without messing anything up? Well, that’s entirely up to you.

Available for purchase on Etsy

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