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Enter + Ctrl Keys Card Reader


I’m not sure why, but just from glancing at the picture, I thought for sure this was a silly handmade job.  Instead though, this is a mass produced item that likely isn’t even remotely handmade.  This card reader will make sure that you’ll always have a portable method to pull things off of your memory card.  Plus, it is disguised as two keys.  Alright, so that part isn’t going to fool anyone, but it does give  a slightly more geeky design to a fairly normal gadget.

These card readers will read MicroSD, T-Flash and Micro SDHC.  It’ll deal with all of those without the need for any kind of adapter.  It’ll of course work with both PC and Mac users.  These come in two different colors, you can pick up the blue or go with the slightly more normal white.  White of course makes it look a lot more like just a classic keyboard key.  Each one of these will cost you $12 from USB Geek.

Source: SlipperyBrick