Ahead ensures your helmet gains some smarts

aheadGetting around on a bicycle is great — not only do you get to enjoy a whole lot of exercise along the way, you will also help reduce the amount of carbon footprint left behind in the world. Wearing a helmet can be said to be compulsory in developed countries when you cycle on the road, so why not transform your helmet into something smart? Ahead is the smallest device in the world which is able to transform your helmet into a smart one, thanks to the technology packed within that hails from Analogue Plus. You end up with the full power of a smartphone, right smack in your helmet.

 Ahead is so easy to install, all that you need to do is to snap it onto any helmet, where it will instantly offer your helmet some much needed smarts. It will pair with your device, allowing you to listen to music, talk on the phone, obtain directions so that you know where to turn at the next intersection, have a chat with Siri, and perform a slew of other functionalities with your smartphone while your ears remain free from any uncomfortable headphones, and your hands are able to concentrate on both handlebars of the bicycle without being distracted.

Tipping the scales at a mere 65 grams, Ahead can be snapped securely onto any helmet, thanks to the three included slide brackets. There is no need for any kind of tools, and you are able to transfer Ahead from one helmet to another when you purchase a new one. How does Ahead work? It will rely on an oscillator that will be able to pass sound directly into your helmet. This will function on any kind of helmet, be it open or closed, padded or thin. It might sound familiar to those who have used bone conduction headphones before, as the principle is the same, as it passes vibrations into your helmet. The Kickstarter Early bird prices for Ahead start at just $79, so what are you waiting for?

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