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Enjoy the scent of real flowers from this plastic daisy diffuser

Daisy Diffuser

When you’re stuck in a cubicle for more hours of the day than you’d like to count, the tiniest things can affect your sanity. Someone tapping on their desk sounds like cannon fire, and any time there’s a bad smell, you can bet it’s going to permeate everything you try and think about. If you’d rather be the wave of calm for your area, then having a pleasant scent wafting from your space can make things seem much more tranquil and inviting.

While there’s not a lot of space for a larger diffuser, there are a ton of smaller USB options. If you’re a little bit more kooky than the average Joe, it would only make sense that you would like to have a USB powered Daisy Diffuser made of plastic to emit the smell of natural plant life. It’s cute and very easy to use, and you only need to open the yellow lid, drip in a bit of your favorite essential oil, and plug it in. Not long after you’ll get to enjoy a pleasant scent all around your computer thanks to the slight warming element inside of this.

Since an available USB port is sometimes a hard thing to get access to, this has a base that swivels so it can always find a home. This is only going to cost you $12.99, but that’s assuming that you already have essential oils at your disposal. Before you go deciding things for the whole office, you might want to check and see what smell everyone likes before you make a financial commitment to this.

Available for purchase on perpetualkid