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To get the energy out of your kids, use the sOccket Ball

s0ccketDoes anyone think that it is strange that we live in a world where we must conserve all the energy we can, but children have energy to spare? Fortunately, the sOccket Ball has figured out a way to harness the power of children’s play.

That’s right, the sOccket ball. Don’t ask me why this product name is so odd, with its usage of capital and lower case letters, but here is how the device works.

Inside the ball is an inductive coil system, which is the same device on those flashlights that you can shake to recharge. If kids play with the ball for about 15 minutes, then they will have enough energy to power a normal LED light for about 3 hours.

This technology is similar to the Playpump, a device that has playground equipment connected to a generator. I’m beginning to think that every kid’s game can be turned into some energy harnessing device.

There is one slight problem with the sOccket Ball: it is not a regulation soccer ball. Yeah, it has a different feel and weight of a normal soccer ball, but this ball is designed for little children playing, not big league matches. This isn’t the World Cup sOccket ball, for crying out loud!