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Energizer’s New EcoAdvanced Batteries Do Come With The Scent Of Recycled Batteries

energizer-eco-advancedFor those of you who are now in your mid-30s as well as 40s, you would know that there were many toys in our childhood that relied on batteries – and alkaline batteries were back then, the bomb. After all, playing your Game Boy with alkaline batteries powering it allowed Nintendo’s little handheld console that could to last for far longer periods of intense gaming as opposed to regular AA batteries. Well, after all these years, Energizer is still around, and their latest range of batteries are believed to be partially made using recycled batteries, now how about that? Surely this is a small step towards reducing the amount of toxic waste in our environment, not to mention freeing up a wee bit of our landfills.

While most of us would think that 4% might not amount to much, it is actually a step in the right direction when you think about it. After all, even with lithium ion batteries and the ilk these days, there are plenty of batteries out there that do get thrown out once folks are done with them – and to be able to make use of even a tiny percentage like what Energizer has done here would go to some lengths in the reduction of electronic waste, now how about that?

Both the Energizer EcoAdvanced AA and AAA batteries happen to be among the company’s highest highest performance batteries, and 4% of these new batteries use recycled batteries in the manufacturing process. The materials recycled include zinc and manganese, and it was a 7 year process for Energizer to find a way in using them in a manner that offered strong performance. Hopefully this initiative will be able to see a boom in the market for recycled batteries. Of course, you can always consider the other decent alternative – rechargeable batteries like the Sanyo Eneloop.