Empatica smartwatch looks out for your respiratory health

Prevention is always far better than curing an illness, which is why Empatica has come up with a brand new smartwatch that is not only able to tell the time accurately, this timepiece will also be able to help alert its wearer in the event where there is danger of developing a serious respiratory infection prior to any symptoms showing up. Empatica’s smartwatch will be based on the technology of the company’s Embrace2, a smartwatch that is worn by those who live with epilepsy.

Embrace2 relies on advanced machine learning in order to monitor physiological signals, picking up any kind of unusual patterns while immediately notifying caregivers in the event where there is a possibility of convulsive seizures happening. Using this technology, it can also evaluate health signatures while predicting pathogen exposures before there is any manifestation of symptoms, while sending an alert to both the user and caregiver.

With the Embrace2, people are empowered since they would know that they are already sick even before a symptom manifests itself. This would further encourage early treatment to be administered which in turn will help reduce the potential spread of bacteria and viruses in the vicinity. Such predictive capabilities results in a truly unique opportunity where individuals, caregivers and health care professionals will be able to identify those who are in the high-risk category in real time. Isn’t that perfect so that treatment can be administered faster while any additional transmission can be reduced?

It also helps fuel the possibility that future iterations of the Embrace2 will be able to inform you should your body be up against some sort of illness before any obvious symptoms break out. What if there is an app that lets you know that you should down a certain kind of nutritional beverage so that the chance of developing a flu tomorrow morning is reduced? Now that is certainly a smartwatch worthy of its name.

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