Emoji Keyboards get the message across in double quick time

emoji-keyboardFunny how we talked about the Emoji-to-English dictionary earlier this morning – and I suppose that having read that, you might want to equip your “arsenal” of products where technology is concerned to include the Emoji Keyboard range from EmojiWorks. It makes perfect sense – after all, you learn and get better at a particular language through the use of it more and more often, so why not take the opportunity to translate your theoretical knowledge into one that can be practically shown by typing it out? No longer do you need to think about doing so via a smartphone’s virtual keyboard, but you can do so through your computer’s keyboard.

The EmojiWorks’ new Emoji Keyboards are certainly worth checking out, as pre-orders for them have already opened up. These are Bluetooth-enabled keyboards that will arrive in a chiclet form factor for its keys, where there are three different varieties to choose from. For starters, the vanilla Emoji Keyboard would provide you with a single pictorial reaction per key for a total of 47 common emoji.

As for the Emoji Keyboard Plus, this particular model will increase the pictorial reaction to two per character, as well as unlocking skin tone modifiers in the process. Talk about going to the next level! If you would like to go all the way, then there is the Emoji Keyboard Pro that will stack three emoji on most keys in order for one to have easy access to over 120 icons. According to EmojiWorks, regardless of the model that you pick, they will all arrive with the latest emoji, including the taco, and these keyboards will play nice with the likes of the Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows on tablets, laptops, and dekstops.

Needless to say, these are not just pure emoji keyboards, as they are full well capable of handling regular characters jut in case you were wondering. The Emoji Keyboard will retail for $79.95 a pop, with the Emoji Keyboard Plus going for $89.95 whereas the Pro will be $10 more expensive at $99.95 a pop. Not only that, these will require a pair of AAA batteries to run, and you will first need to install EmojiWorks’ very own software so that it can turn your keystrokes into actual emoji on screen when they ship later this December.

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