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Emoji Desking + Seating Series helps meet childrens’ sensory needs

emoji-deskingCommunication among humans have definitely evolved across time and space, where back in the early days of humanity, it was believed that simple grunts and gestures got the message across, and if there was a thick skull in the neighborhood where it was difficult to convey something, then nothing quite like a good whack over the head got the job done. Of course, when one were to fast forward to the 21st century, we have complex ways of keeping in touch with each other, so much so that our mobile handset remains as our primary connection to the rest of the world. There are emojis used to convey emotions and situations, and Bretford Manufacturing has decided to meet the sensory needs of children, youth and adults while keeping the learning space active hrough their Emoji Desking + Seating Series.

The new Emoji range has already been unveiled, where it intends to boost well-being for healthy minds and attentive bodies – and best of all is, it will arrive in child, youth and adult sizes, making it fit for just about any and every age group. After all, elements in our environment, such as desks and chairs, will have a certain effect on us both physically and emotionally, and this is where the new Emoji line of desking and seating has been designed with the physical and emotional well-being of children and adults in mind.

Dan Rucker, product manager, furniture and power solutions for Bretford Manufacturing, Inc., shared, “Emoji Desking + Seating products were conceived to work with how we think and feel as we learn and work throughout every stage of life. For example, the child chair is soft and playful while the adult chair is styled with sophistication and the back support mimics an adult’s spine and pelvis. A chair and a desk should work together as an eco-system, and the Emoji desk functions much like the seating in that way. Both are designed to create an environment that stimulates learning, promotes positive emotions, and activates the space for making purposeful change.”

Color combinations to enhance mood, materials used to dampen and reduce sound-related distraction, multi-posture support and textured parts to minimize fidgeting and improve comfort, specialized features like a smiley face shaped handle for a child creates positive social-emotional conditions for learning, and endless arrangements of the desks guide quick, stress-free planning, makes this entire set up special.

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