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Emoji Chargers do more than just convey your feelings

emoji-powerbankThey say that a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, what happens when you make use of pictures in order to convey an emotion? This is where the emoji comes in handy, where it has proven itself to be extremely popular, with more and more emojis being introduced over the course of time. In fact, there has already been a book on emojis alone like the Emoji-to-English dictionary, teaching you how to decipher them when presented in a string of complex combination. They are also symbols of power, literally, with the new £34.99 Emoji Chargers.

These Emoji Chargers will comprise of the likes of Boo, Eggplant, Poop, Tears of Joy and Unihorne. Of course, they are cute – very cute at first glance, and many people will most probably ask you just where will they be able to get hold of one of these bad boys? Such a portable power pack with a bit of character and personality will come with a decent 2600mAh battery that should be more than enough to fully invigorate most smartphones out there in the market, and it is also able to be carried with you on your flights if you so desire. There is an internal LED that glows blue whilst charging, and red once your device is connected for an easy visual cue.