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Emma Orange Peeler

Orange Peeler
I just saw this gadget posted in our forums (thanks tator03) the Emma Orange Peeler, the easy way to peel oranges.

It looks like a simple solution to a messy problem and as it only costs $5 seems like a worthy investment, unless you like licking your fingers that is.

The Emma Orange Peeler is available online from SatinBox.

2 thoughts on “Emma Orange Peeler”

  1. Over 35 years ago I got something similar from Tupperware. The concept is that you cut just the throught skin all over in sections (that’s what the little spur on the bottom does) and peel off the strips, and it works great. When I lost the Tupper version, I did the same thing by holding my thumb near the tip of a knife so only a bit of the point sticks out, and cutting the peel with that, which works just as well. Try it, and save five bucks.

    If you really want to spend the money, it really does work surprisingly well, but best on oranges that are easier to peel than juice oranges, which are difficult anyway, no matter what.

  2. That’s right. My grandparents sold those peelers some 40 years ago in their grocery store, along with that strange little juice tap thingie that you push into an orange and then (supposedly) use to squeeze out fresh juice. They’re still selling those on the shopping networks, trying to make them sound like a new invention! :0)

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