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Emglare Heart ushers in a new era of smart clothes

emglare-heartThe use of electronics in everyday clothing is something that many of us are starting to experience these days, especially in more developed countries. After all, we would love to obtain feedback from different aspects of life, allowing us to be able to be more efficient and productive throughout the day. The Emglare Smart Clothes will certainly make you look at clothing in a whole new light, as it comes with integrated ECG and heart rate measurement, minus all of the bulky form factor that are normally associated with both functionalities.

This special smart clothes with built-in sensors for measuring ECG and heart rate was not developed overnight, taking much time to be perfected. The whole idea of the Emglare Smart Clothes is to deliver a product that can monitor health in addition to being stylish and comfortable enough for daily use. The Emglare Smart Clothes are able to communicate directly with its free smartphone app, where the user/wearer will be able to obtain all of the relevant health information picked up. Developed by a group of specialists from various disciplines – healthcare, informatics and the fashion industry, it works great with the Emglare Heart mobile application.

Wearing the Emglare Smart Clothes will help you monitor your health condition, but what about its battery life? Surely it requires some sort of electricity source to power the numerous integrated sensors. This is done through a wireless charger, brilliant! Men have an undershirt and a sports t-shirt to choose from, while women have the choices of a sports and regular bra. These are products that can be used daily without any fuss, being natural and comfortable even when worn all day. Each bit of data picked up will be sent to the mobile app for storage and reference later on. Certainly this is far more useful than the Kaptur Smart Hat, right?

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