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Emfit QS Sleep Monitor is a plug and play wonder

emfit-qsDo you remember when the term ‘plug and play’ became fashionable? Back in the day when there was no Windows 95, and we were running on MS-DOS most of the time, installing a new piece of hardware required the relevant driver, otherwise it simply will not work. Well, the advent of Windows 95 still required drivers, but the concept of plug and play became more apparent, especially with the proliferation of the USB standard and fair number of devices that accompanied it. Fast forward to today, and you do not have driver discs that accompany each piece of hardware, as one can simply download it off the internet if required. Emfit’s latest release is a 3G mobile data version of the highly appraised Emfit QS Sleep Monitor, where it has been touted to be a true plug-and-play sleep tracker.

It will be able to track one’s heart rate variability, doing so throughout the entire night in order to provide a detailed picture of the progression of recovery during the night. Not only that, the QS has also garnered a fair number of traction among athletes around the world, courtesy of this particular feature. Still, there are athletes who travel frequently, and they are on the lookout for a solution when they are away from home which will enable them to simply plug-in and go to sleep. The Emfit QS that sports 3G connectivity happens to be the perfect must-have for athletes who frequently hit the road for training camps and competition.

This particular model of the Emfit QS comprises of a contact-free, passive sensor which will be installed beneath the mattress, and there is a small circular module which will perform the signal acquisition and transmission. The module will hook up to Wi-Fi whereas a long cable enables the device to be placed far from user to avoid any disturbance to sleep. All data will be uploaded to the Emfit server, where there is also a web-based application that has been optimized for use with smartphones to provides comprehensive reports about physical recovery, fatigue, stress levels, and sleep quality.

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