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ELWN Fit earbuds target the active

elwnWhen it comes to earbuds, there are two major issues with which users tend to grapple with – finding the right fit, as well as the relatively short battery life. ELWN Earbuds has decided to come up against the twin juggernauts of earbud problems by launching its Kickstarter campaign this coming week, hoping that they can up the ante in the personal audio industry with its groundbreaking new technology. In other words, ELWN is proud to deliver the ultimate personal audio solution for the athletic, ambitious, and audiophile on-the-go in the form of the ELWN Fit.

ELWN Earbuds’ Fit have been specially designed with a wide range of fit options and truly wireless technology, where it will arrive in a stylish all-weather design. With this, users are able to make calls, enjoy music, and workout indoors or out, all the while enjoying comfort without having to compromise on the quality of sound.

As the ELWN Fit will be true blue wireless earbuds, they run on battery power. However, with the patent pending Infinity Band charger, users will be free from having to constantly charge and re-charge it, as the Infinity Band breaks new barriers by being a first of its kind system that enables the charging of the earbud’s batteries while in use. In other words, one would be able to enjoy a virtually endless battery life cycle, now how about that for convenience?

Not only that, anyone who decides to pick up the ELWN Fit will be on the receiving end of an industry leading 180 earbud combinations, which more or less guarantees a secure, customizable fit for nearly every ear on the planet. Among its audio and design features include a microphone that is made for crystal clear calls, water resistant shells with SoX touch coating, CD-Like quality sound, an advanced Bluetooth chipset with CVC aptX technology, and specially engineered 6mm Micro Dynamic Drivers. Any takers for the Kickstarter project?

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  1. The promises made here are interesting, but questions loom: how does one secure the right fit from among the 180 sizes available? How does the charging band work? And given the fact that former Apple people are involved in the startup, will the ordinary citizen be able to afford these?

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