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The ElliptiGO combines running and biking

This is the ElliptiGO, a bike that combines running and cycling, designed for low-impact but high-output workouts.

It was created by a former cyclist and Ironman triathlete who suffered hip and knee injuries. The ElliptiGO is designed to help runners avoid “beating up their bodies through repeated impact” as well as “position riders ‘out of the saddle’ and using their weight to generate torque with every stride”.

A recent video of the Early Show that you can view at my Source link shows weatherman Dave Price riding it. While he is riding, he states that “it feels so natural” despite the ElliptiGO’s spokesperson saying “that’s not proper technique”. I have another video of it that you can watch after the jump.

The ElliptiGO weighs in at 40 pounds, and is capable of speeds up to 15 to 25 miles per hour. It has eight shifting speeds, and braking is possible with hand levers. You will note how the mechanisms look like the arms of a swimmer doing freestyle.

According to my Source, the ElliptiGO costs about $2,200, and is available in blue, green, and black. I’m not certain if twenty-two hundred dollars is going to be too much. I would have to really know what kind of body I am going to get by using this product before I make a purchase that high.


4 thoughts on “The ElliptiGO combines running and biking”

  1. Just take the bike seat off your current bike and maybe raise your handlebars. You just saved yourself $2000.

  2. For $2200 I could get myself , my kids and my grandkid each an ECOFAV. It is a bounce propelled scooter that acts like a bicycle , and its less than $400. $2200 is way to high end for most. Just my opinion.

  3. The bike looks great. I would love to own one, unfortunately it is priced for people with a much higher income than myself and many others who would benefit from it. I hope it does well, would have been great for me, but will have to stick with my second hand stationary bike and treadmill.

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