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In our software section we cover everything from VPN services to movie editing software, as well as password managers and the newest apps. Some just for entertainment, lots of software you use today is either to improve productivity or increase safety. No matter what it is, we researched the topic extensively and picked the best options for you.

Don’t text while you drive!

The cell phone is often a curse as much as it is a boon to modern society – after all, how many of you have gotten out of a tight… now open for beta registration

You know how it is, with the number of psychos running around these days who just can’t wait to jump upon children at any and every chance, and with the…

Avatar Kinect program shown off at CES 2011

While I was at CES 2011, I decided to wait in the line for the Kinect exhibit at Microsoft’s gigantic booth on the showfloor. While I was waiting in line,…

GEAR4 announces UnityRemote

Mention the name GEAR4 and chances are you will definitely have heard of it before, where this UK-based iPod and iPhone audio brand and case manufacturer has brought a bunch…