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In our software section we cover everything from VPN services to movie editing software, as well as password managers and the newest apps. Some just for entertainment, lots of software you use today is either to improve productivity or increase safety. No matter what it is, we researched the topic extensively and picked the best options for you.

Best Password Manager [2022]

A good password manager keeps your information safe behind a master password, letting you automatically log into your accounts from anywhere, without having to remember all of your passwords. We picked the best options for the average user.

10 Reasons Why You Should Use A VPN

A VPN service lets you do more than let you watch stuff from foreign tv and film markets. So, what are the 10 reasons you need a VPN? A VPN:…

Best Cloud Gaming Service

The best cloud gaming service for the money is Vortex. If you don’t like being limited in your choice of games, you might prefer Shadow. It’s more expensive but has no limitations.

Best VPN Service [2022]

The best VPN for the average internet user is ExpressVPN. They offer a “no connection policy”, over 3,000 servers with over 30,000 available IP addresses and much more for a very competitive price.