Electronic Spy Camera Shirt

Having a spy camera is something that some of us out there might love to own, since there is a voyeuristric streak in us that we tend to keep suppressed. Well, ThinkGeek has the cure for that with the Electronic Spy Camera Shirt, where this $39.99 purchase will add a new dimension to your sense of fashion. How so, you ask? It is pretty self explanatory, where centered in the artwork on the shirt features James Bond holding a camera straight to his face. Of course, this is no ordinary camera picture, since hidden behind the soft cotton exterior likes a real spy camera. There will be a cable that hooks the camera to a tiny black box which is in your pocket, where all you need to do is place your hand non-chalantly inside, press the button, and the camera will start/stop recording. Of course, it will run on batteries (three AAA) and not magic, but that’s to be expected for something that can hold up to 150 digital photos in VGA resolution.

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