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Electronic FPS Laser Battle Jacket lets you enjoy your own live-action game

electronic-fpsEver wished that you had enough money when you grew up, so that you are able to enjoy and construct your very own Laser Tag arena to have fun with your mates? Well, that is the case with the $59.99 Electronic FPS Laser Battle Jacket which will be able to let you enjoy your very own live-action game with a friend, although do make sure that your friend will also be generous enough to fork out his or her own dough in order to get a similar Laser Battle Jacket so that the two of you can have fun.

Each purchase will come with a solitary jacket, a pair of blasters, as well as two targets to get you started right out of the box. There are three different modes to choose from – PvP (Player vs Player), Frag Tag, or Deathmatch. A single pack will let you play Frag Tag, where it will designate you (or your friend, there can only be one) as the hunter while the other would be the hunted. Should you manage to cajole your friend to purchase another pack of his or her own, then the two of you can indulge in some Deathmatch, which is where all the main action’s at. No rocket jumps here though, so do take note about this particular drawback.