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Electronic Feng Shui compass

Fortune Compass, LLC has rolled out its hand held electronic Feng Shui compass known by the same name, and has brought the ancient art of Chinese geomancy to the 21st century. I am extremely skeptical of this product, and most of the time Feng Shui is but common sense and good engineering principles when you look at it in a closer manner, after all, who would want to sit underneath a beam in real life? There is a sense of pressure bearing downwards always, and that will definitely affect the concentration of anyone who wants to work. Let’s not even delve into working in a room with your back facing the door – nobody wants that since one can’t surf NSFW sites anymore that way without getting a heart attack each time the door opens, and has nothing to do with exposing yourself to backstabbing colleagues in Feng Shui terms. Still, if getting a digital Feng Shui readout is your cup of tea, then you can pick up the electronic Fortune Compass for less than $500.

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3 thoughts on “Electronic Feng Shui compass”

  1. Wow, $500 for a toy that has no real value? Listen up people. Feng Shui is fine if you want to use it for a decorative style, but if you believe it is based on science and will provide you with wealth, love or a cure for cancer, I have some swampland I’d like to sell you.

    If you believe in magic, magick, the supernatural, the occult, bigfoot, the loch ness monster and honest politicians, then by all means, feel free to believe in Feng Shui. Otherwise if you want to throw away $500, just send it to me.

  2. STUPID WESTERNER COMMENTS. First of all, I doubt that this compass is useful at all because it does not have the details and functionality that an authentic Feng Shui Compass has. Secondly, Feng Shui isn’t a “decorative style” like what you westerners simply assume it to be. This compass is probably a fraudulent invention but cannot compare to the value of an authentic Lo Pan or Feng Shui compass. An Authentic feng shui compass is expensive because of its ability to point to the magnetic south, and uses anti-electro-magnetic wood that is resistant to any electric or magnetic effects of any environment. If you have $500 and you want to buy an authentic feng shui compass, then buy the Zhong He, San Yuan or other traditional authentic Lo Pan (Compass). Not this useless invention that will not help you at all. Beware of cheaper lo pans because they do not point to the south and will only lead you the wrong direction providing you wrong Feng Shui directions. BUY THE AUTHENTIC LO PAN. SAN YUAN OR ZHONG HE!

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