Electronic Drum Machine T-Shirt

You might think that you are tone deaf, but when you feel the urge of being King Kong in front of the lady who caught your eyes, then beating your chest in a rhythmic manner is one of your more primal instincts that is waiting to be expressed. Why not do it with style then, with the £29.99 Electronic Drum Machine T-Shirt? Of course, it would help if you had previous experience in drumming, as getting the right kind of pattern or beat is also essential in impressing the opposite sex – anything less would be deemed simply as noise.
The Electronic Drum Machine T-Shirt will breathe new life into the idea of portable beat-making to a whole new level, thanks to its 8 touch-sensitive drum pads as well as attached portable speaker, allowing you to literally wear your drums. There are 9 different kits to choose from, where they range from vintage 808s to classic Jazz, in addition to some very familiar video game sounds to let you express yourself fully. Throw in a loop function and you are able to record complex rhythms, adding in new layers as you concoct your latest track. Needless to say, you will need to remove the electronics and drum pads from the shirt before washing.