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This Electronic Tamp will turn you into an exquisite barista

Smart Tamp

Coffee is no joke to those that can actually taste the subtle differences between each type of unflavored bean. Making a good espresso is a difficult skill to master, as there are so many elements that you can mess up. The type of grind, how much coffee you use, how long the water should flow through it, the temperature of the water, the evenness of the coffee when tamping, and the amount of force when tamping. Even with that elaborate list, I’m sure there are a few variables that I’ve missed.

If you are a coffee elitist, then you likely enjoy the process of putting your espresso together, and want every detail to be perfect. If you have everything but the tamping down, then this Smart-Tamp will be sure to improve your drink. This tamp will show you what you’re doing on a display via LED-lit numbers and tick marks. The light will illuminate the appropriate number or mark with how much force you’re using to press down.

This would be very useful for letting you know if you’re over or under-tamping for various types of grinds. It will zero out every time you turn it on by shaking it slightly, and the batteries are a snap to change out. This can show you your force of tamping from 12-42 pounds in two pound increments. If you don’t use if after ten seconds, it will shut off automatically to conserve the battery. This $139.99 purchase comes with a standard flat and convex curve base for those who want extra options.

Available for purchase on 1stincoffee

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