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Electrolux 36″ induction cooktop


Electrolux has a brand new 36″ induction hybrid cooktop to decorate your home – and this time it features a couple of induction zones as well as three electric elements. This means you’ll benefit from precise temperature control with a peak power of 3.2 kW that boils water in just 90 seconds, while the 6″ induction cooking zone has maximum power of 1.5 kW. Other features include Power Assist function, Sabbath Mode and Hot Surface indicator lights – no idea what Sabbath Mode is, does it mean it will just shut down throughout the entire Sabbath to ensure that no work gets done? This 36″ hybrid cooktop will retail for $2,000.

Source: Appliancist

3 thoughts on “Electrolux 36″ induction cooktop”

  1. Sabbath mode is a way that stricter Jews can get around the ban on lighting a fire on the sabbath. Starting electronics (or at least turning on a heat source) is considered equivalent to lighting a fire.
    Most new ovens have a feature that turns them off after 12 hours (I believe this is a legal requirement, actually). Sabbath mode allows Jews who wish to remain Kosher over the Sabbath or Jewish holidays to do so by bypassing this feature, allowing the oven to stay on for an indeterminate time.
    Some of the stoves also have a feature that allows the cook to turn up or down the stove within certain parameters laid out by Rabbis, allowing them to warm pre-made meals to different temperatures.

  2. The Sabbath mode is even approved by a Kosher agency–Star K specifically. Electrolux’s website also indicates that this cooktop is 70% more efficient than gas and 20% more efficient than electric.

  3. What does the “K” on my smooth top cooktop mean? Does it have anything to do with kosher cooking? It’s not a Kenmore so I don’t believe that it has anything to do with Kenmore appliances. We’ve looked to see what it could mean and can’t find the answer. Thanks.

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