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Electrohome’s Retro Clock Radio ensures your nightstand does not look bare

electrohomeI suppose that it would not be too far off the mark to suggest that having an alarm clock to wake one up every morning is a crucial aspect of modern day life. After all, it is far too much of a hassle to have a pet rooster within the confines of a city, let alone if you happen to stay in an apartment or flat. Having said that, while many people continue to make use of their smartphones (or perhaps a growing number of smartwatch owners) as their morning alarm clocks, how about taking a step back and enjoy the past, with the Electrohome Retro Clock Radio?

The name of this particular device says it all – this is an alarm clock, no doubt about it, and it comes in a design that harks back to far simpler days. The circular, vintage design will be able to dress any room or nightstand, and it will boast a bevy of useful features for the user, such as motion activated sensors, twin LED lighting bulbs and dual alarm clock options, which will definitely go some way in ensuring that you wake up well in the morning.

If you are sensitive to loud sounds or who have trouble waking up, then the Retro Clock Radio will fit your need to a ‘T’. It delivers a calming experience, where its pair of twin LED lights will brighten as a user’s wakeup time approaches. Thanks to the serene and soothing glow cast around your room, it creates a peaceful environment, ensuring an energizing start to the day – even if you decide to shut out all light from your room with a thick curtain.

There is also a motion sensor in the Retro Clock Radio that does away with fumbling and stumbling while you look for a light switch in the dark. All that you need to do is to wave your hand over the Retro Clock Radio, and it will turn on its light bulbs, delivering instant illumination to any room. The motion sensor can also be used to activate the snooze button for mornings, handy when you are desperate for those additional five minutes. Seems to be a dream purchase for just $34.99 a pop.

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