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Electric Violin cries out for a player

electric-violinWhen it comes to musical instruments, there are so many different variations to choose from that you can be spoilt for choice. After all, different kinds of instruments call for different skillsets, and a saxophone player need not necessarily be a good bassist or drummer. Having said that, if you have a penchant for stringed instruments, then you would surely want to explore the violin if you haven’t yet done so already. The violin does express itself very well, and since many things have become digital these days, why not apply a similar standard to the violin? Enter the $399.95 Electric Violin.

This Electric Violin from Hammacher is said to be a solid-body electric violin which produces rich tone thanks to a built-in piezo pickup. It is made from solid hardwood and arrives in a twin cutaway design, helping it to deliver similar dimensions as that of a traditional instrument, where it will sport a rosewood bridge that works in concert with the built-in piezo pickup to yield warm, natural tones whenever you plug it into your preferred amplifier. The presence of an ebony fingerboard, fittings, tuner, and horsehair bow (and rosin cake) makes it feel like a professional violin, while the composite tailpiece makes it a snap for novices to tune. Other features include built-in volume and tone knobs, twin 1/8″ line-in/out jacks, and a standard 1/4″ headphone jack and headphones for silent practice.