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Three Course Electric Steamer cooks various foods simultaneously

3-course-electric-steamerThere is nothing quite like being able to multi-task – as it not only helps to save plenty of time along the way, it will also be able to let you enjoy a variety of dishes at the same time. Well, fried and grilled items are not all that healthy in the long run, which is why steaming would be the far better alternative. However, if you have a few dishes to steam, but would like all of them to be cooked at the same time so that they can be served up piping hot, what are you to do? Enter the $249.95 Three Course Electric Steamer, of course!

The Three Course Electric Steamer happens to be the only electric steamer in the market which is capable of cooking a trio of different foods – at different temperatures, simultaneously, now how about that? This makes sure that you get to enjoy precise cooking of a complete meal. There will be a trio of separate compartments that will be able to hold salmon fillets, fingerling potatoes, and broccoli, where all that one needs to do is to select “fish,” “root vegetables,” and “vegetables” and the LCD control panel will ensure that all three are perfectly cooked, being tender and moist. Each steaming compartment can cook up to three servings. Surely this will be a decent addition to any self-respecting kitchen that needs its fair share of electronic cooking equipment.