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This Electric Raclette Party Grill is not, in fact, a torture device

Raclette Vertical Grill

Despite what we think of ourselves, humans are pretty easy to amuse. We like watching things with pretty patterns, have vastly transformative properties, and small, fuzzy animals. For those of you who like having people over, it’s your job to keep people entertained, and find ways for your guests not only to have a good time, but keep themselves busy so you don’t have to.

If you are a foodie, as most people are, then this Gourmia Electric Raclette Party Grill would be a fun addition to your evening. This is a Sombrero-shaped vertical grill that is non-stick, will cook meat, veggies, and has 6 trays for cheese, because cheese is like crack at parties. Not only does this cook the food for you, but it’s interactive, so guests will make their own food and be excited that they got to do it!

Just to make sure that no one is going to over or under cook their food, there is a control dial that will let you adjust the temperature. This is a $55 device that is completely based on playing with your food before you eat it. You’ll need to do a lot of prep work beforehand to get the food cut up and easy to put onto the grill, as well as tiny, long-stemmed forks to move the food around, but it would certainly be a conversation starter.

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