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Electric Paint Pen with Conductive Ink helps keep the kids occupied

electric-paint-penKids are easily excitable beings, and it does help if you happen to have something which is able to keep them occupied, especially during those long road trips, or in a particularly lengthy flight. Nowadays, most parents or guardians do from time to time, abdicate their position of being a nanny to the Nintendo 3DS or some other kind of mobile device. Well, whatever happened to being interactive with your own kids, and to have them cultivate other hidden talents such as drawing? This is where the Electric Paint Pen with Conductive Ink might come in handy, as it could unearth the next van Gogh.

Basically, the Electric Paint Pen with Conductive Ink will retail anywhere from $12.99 all the way to $19.99, depending on the kind of model that you choose. Either way, it will allow you to draw a circuit using conductive paint, which is a pretty cool process once you have gotten some experience with it. The Electric Paint happens to be a multipurpose electrically conductive material that is perfect for all of your DIY projects, except that it has been the recipient of the wonders of miniaturization, sized down all the way to being a pen applicator. This basically means you are able to paint circuits on walls, floors, tables, shirts, but do not try it on your skin! This is definitely an electrifying idea which is a radically different way of cultivating the drawing talent, no?