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The Electric Grinder Mill makes every meal taste fancier

Electric Spice Mill

When you go to a restaurant, sometimes you’ll be asked if you’d like ground pepper to top it off which means your server is going to grind peppercorn manually. You can definitely tell the difference in taste between the fresh and packaged ground pepper. If you want to have that sort of taste for meals at home too, then you can imagine that you’re going to need a grinder to make that happen.

Having to take one more step of physical labor in preparing a meal is sometimes just too annoying though, which is why this Eukein Electric Salt and Pepper Mill was created. This uses a ceramic mechanism which won’t corrode or react to whatever spices you’d like to have freshly ground on your meals. It also means that there won’t be any extra flavors added to your meal because of the materials. This is exceedingly easy to use as it is powered by batteries, and you only need to press one button for it to start peppering out your spice of choice.

There are levels of coarseness to choose from which can be adjusted through a knob at the bottom. For those who like to change out what they use, the see-through chamber will be useful for making sure you know you’ve got the right spice in, and also can tell when it’s time for a refill. There’s even a light at the bottom when it turns on to make sure every granule lands where you want it to. You’ll need 4 AA batteries to get this $39 product to work its magic.

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