Electric Comfort Bicycle

Cars might have gone electric to a certain degree, but that doesn’t mean other modes of transportation like the motorcycle and bicycle can’t either. This is where the Electric Comfort Bicycle makes a splash – it was specially designed to take its riders on extended tours in unequaled comfort. Using a 500-watt electric motor that will help you tackle tough uphills, it is also a joy to breeze downhill or cruise through flats without bulging up those calf muscles even more.
For larger sized folks, fret not about a sore rear end after a hard day of pedalling – after all, the Electric Comfort Bicycle comes with a generously padded triangle seat as well as 26″ balloon tires to deliver a soft yet stable journey. With padded wrap-around handlebars that are able to reach back to riders for a relaxed, upright riding experience, it will help keep the arms, back, and neck aligned for optimal comfort.
A twist of the right handlebar will let you determine the motor’s variable speed, while pushing a button with your thumb helps you cycle through all half dozen gears. With a maximum cruising speed of 20 mph on flats using just the motor, you can always top that by using your legs. A full charge is said to deliver up to 30 miles of coasting, but that of course depends on the type of terrain you subject the bike to as well as your weight. The Electric Comfort Bicycle can be yours for $2,800. On second thought, getting a used car might be more fun…