Electric Bicycle Built For Two

Electric bicycles aren’t anything new, but this one that you see here definitely is – we’re talking about an electric bicycle that has been specially built to seat not one, but two people. This is touted to be the only one of its kind to date, where it can assist both riders up to 20 mph in relaxed, relative comfort. Seems perfect if you have plenty of hills around your area, don’t you think so?
A 500-watt electric motor will drive the rear wheel in order to assist riders up hills or across broad flats for easy cruising. Using a twist of the right handlebar will help you control the motor’s variable speed, while your thumb’s push will change the six gears. If you want to speed up, there’s this old fashioned method of pedaling so that you can amble along faster than 20 mph.
When running on a full charge, its detachable 48-volt lithium battery can provide enough juice for up to 25 miles – just make sure the combined weight of both you and your partner do not surpass 500 lbs. The asking price? A rather steep $3,400.