Elecom NFC Android Wireless Keyboard makes a tiny, portable workspace

Elecom NFC Android Keyboard

We have a lot of gizmos and gadgets that allow us to keep working even when we’re not at work. Having a smartphone gives you a central hub where you can work, play, and keep in touch with friends and family. Of course, if you need to write up a more official email, and want to do so without awkwardly tapping on your phone, it might be nice to have a separate wireless keyboard laying about.

If you need the tactile feel of having a keyboard when typing away from your computer, then the Elecom NFC (near field communication) Android Wireless Keyboard may be of some use. Obviously, this is only for those who have an Android phone, and will only work with 4.0 and above. Seeing as you do already have a keyboard on the face of your phone, this is only for physical satisfaction of getting to press some keys.

This is a somewhat awkwardly made keyboard that is structured so that you need to put your phone in between the two halves of the keyboard. This will make it a tad awkward if you have a phablet (phone/tablet). It measures 2.6×13.4×0.4”, and is constructed out of silicone. You’ll have to drop $60 or more on this venture if you’re interested, but seeing as it would only be compatible with one type of device, it may be better to get a wireless keyboard that will work with your other gizmos as well.