E-LEAD Bluetooth Lazy Pad

eleadThe E-LEAD Bluetooth Lazy Pad is a terrific product for those who want a combination Bluetooth and mouse for their laptop or netbook. Don’t ask me why you want that, but someone people prefer that remote action, I guess.

For those who like wireless action, then you will enjoy the Bluetooth feature. Of course, some of you may have laptops or netbooks that don’t come with Bluetooth, Fortunately, you can connect to the keyboard via USB. The battery in this keyboard is a 500mAh that is capable of up to 8 hours of usage.

I see a small problem with this product. You will notice in the middle of the keyboard is some sort of crease, but the frame doesn’t look like it could fold in. What is strange is the “mouse” segment of the device is located underneath the keyboard, which means you’ll need to flip it over whenever you want to use the touchpad on the other side which is accompanied by a couple of buttons (left and right click, of course).

I also think that this Lazy Pad is misnamed. I have no idea why E-LEAD Electronics has named their product the Lazy Pad, because I see nothing slothful about it. After all, if we are going to call this Bluetooth keyboard and mouse a Lazy Pad, does that mean that every remote control device or mobile is inherently a product of a lazy culture?

Sadly, I think that it is true. Yes, our gadgets and electronic devices make us lazy. I can’t stand it when some product comes out with some name which describes our culture too well.


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