EKON car uses the power of Emoticons

This isn’t the first time that we have posted about a concept car, and many of them sort of look the same.

For some reason, they all have this odd silver or gray color, and have lights in weird places, as if they existed in the world of Tron.

The EKON is definitely something very different as its main feature could change the very road as we know it. You see, it is the only car that I know that uses emoticons.

You see that red face on it? That is the car’s happy face. Yes, this is so you can signal to another driver that you are pleased with their performance. It beats the heck out of calling that “How’s my Driving” number and reporting positive feedback.

I’m not certain how much of the print you can see in the photo, but there are a whole catalog of emoticons that you can project on your car. For example, sadness, boredom, nervousness, surprise, or even some weird ones like “LOL” and other symbols.

Granted, I’m not certain how the user gets the Emoticon. Is there an array of buttons on the dash? That could be distracting. Maybe if you just text it in, but that is texting while driving.

Well, I’m sure by the time this car comes out, there will be voice controls for this emoticon. As for now, it is just a concept.


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