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E-Ink Next Generation Display Platform

With the proliferation of e-book readers these days, it makes perfect sense for manufacturers to jump aboard the e-book display bandwagon, where among them E-Ink has already done a pretty bang up job in the past. The company has just announced that it will be releasing its next generation display technology known as Pearl in the second quarter of the year. Pearl will be the way where E Ink expands the capabilities of reflective displays, helping bring electronic paper performance to the next level. It is touted to offer the whitest reflective displays in the industry, while its contrast ratio is now rated at approximately 50% more than today’s products, making text on the Pearl seemingly “pop” from the page, resulting in a reading experience most similar to reading text on printed paper. Now, where have we heard of that before?

It would be interesting to see whether the E-Ink Pearl’s introduction in more and more devices would mean the iPad would be used less as an e-book reader and more like a tablet device for surfing and browsing. Apart from that, the Pearl is a more lightweight and eco-friendly product compared to ordinary paper, since you will experience with less eye strain and longer battery life when compared to LCD technology. Those who are more technically inclined would be interested to known that the E-Ink Pearl design builds on the current generation of Vizplex designs.

Currently, E-Ink technology products are the lowest power displays in the market where e-book readers are concerned. The Pearl will carry forward that capability with next generation performance, and is completely bi-stable, requiring no power to hold an image or page of text. This als means there is no longer any more need for bookmarks, as an E-Ink display is full well capable of holding your page and save your battery life for weeks and perhaps even up to months, depending on how often or rarely you use your e-book reader.

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