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The Egloo is a candle powered heater that keeps you warm in the winter


The colder weather is here, and our main focus is to keep warm without adding tons of money to the electricity bill. You can put on layers of clothing and wrap up in blankets, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Of course, turning up the temperature will heat your entire place, and you may only need additional heating for one room.

If this is the case for you, then a space heater would be the common choice, though it will be adding to your bill as well. Should you be a fan of candles, and don’t mind spending ten cents a day to warm your home, then the Egloo would be a valid option. This is a terra cotta dome that uses the heat from tea candles to slowly and gradually release heat by radiation. It consists of a base, metal grill, and two domes. You’ll need to put in 4 candles for it to do anything of course, and that’s where extra cost will come in over time.

Through the Egloo, you’ll be able to heat up a room of regular size by 2-3 degrees around 30 minutes after initially lighting the candles. Seeing that tea candles last about 4-5 hours, that’s how long you’ll have before you need to refill them. Of course, be careful when removing the lid as the terra¬†cotta will be holding in heat. The natural Egloo without a glaze will cost you $60, and comes with 8 candles. If you’d prefer a red, black, blue, or white colored or glazed one, then you’ll have to tack on $10-30 extra.

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