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The Eggsnow Camera Bag – lenses, lenses, everywhere

Eggsnow Camera Backpack

If you can’t stand to be separated from your camera, that usually means you also want to have other lenses, your tripod, and backup batteries handy. Most of the time we’re stuck with one, maybe two lenses, and only one battery, with an SD card or two floating around somewhere in your bag. Of course, you also need room for your other gadgets and gizmos without having to put them in the same space as your other expensive equipment. Finding the perfect backpack is difficult, but not impossible.

While we know that the only reason there are a variety of gadgets available is to cater to people in very specific scenarios, it seems that the Eggsnow Camera Bag would do quite nicely for a lot of us. This is a waterproof canvas backpack for Canon and Nikon users alike, and it can hold a DSLR camera, 5 lenses, and a 14” laptop. Made out of canvas, nylon, and metal, this is not a bag that will made purely for aesthetics.

There is an additional compartment for extra storage on the top of the bag, and as the laptop compartment measures 10 x 16”, you can fit up to a 15.6” laptop. There is a pocket on the side where you can put your tripod, and straps to keep it in place. It looks great, keeps water out, and only costs $71.99 for those with Prime on Amazon. If this hasn’t halted your search for a new bag, then worry not, there are always more options out there.

Available for purchase on Amazon