Egg cartons turned into pendant light shade

If you celebrate Easter by coloring eggs, you’ve probably tossed a decent amount of egg cartons.  Which means it’s a perfect time to try out creating this light.  Although, those that don’t use this specific type of carton won’t be able to pull off the same effect.  The egg cartons are also great for musicians trying to keep their practice sessions quiet, but for those that aren’t so musically inclined this works too.

It was originally created by Federico Otero.  They don’t exactly give a tutorial on how to do it yourself, it’s probably fairly basic though.  Even if you didn’t dye eggs for Easter, it wouldn’t take long to acquire enough cartons to create the light diffuser.  The only down side to these type things is that it makes you wonder how it would look within your own home.  With the proper lighting and camera, you can make any DIY project appear chic.  In this case though, the simple coloring and interesting texture would make it unique.

Source: Inhabitat