Efergy Shower Timer lets you know amount of water used

Efergy Shower Timer

If you’re one of the many worried about water conservation, this timer does more than just calculate your time in the shower.  Instead, you can run a quick test with it in your shower and know exactly how long it takes for your shower to go through one litre of water.  Then after you have that knowledge you can decide how long you want to be in the shower. This is especially handy if you are one of those people that tends to forget the time once under the shower. When you feel the pleasant stream of warm water while listening to your favorite music on your shower speakers, we all know that time really flies.

The shower timer comes with a measuring bag, that bag is the one that lets you find out just how long before you go through a litre of water in the shower.  Then you just set on the timer the maximum amount of water you’d like to use.  The timer will automatically save the information about how fast you go through water.  Efergy does suggest that you set it at 35 litres.  You can purchase the timer for £7.99 or about $13 from Home4eco.

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