Efergy Elite helps reduce carbon footprint

In an effort to reduce your overall carbon footprint on this earth, why not take the unconventional route of checking out which appliance in your house is the biggest culprit? The new and improved Efergy Elite electricity monitor allows you to take control of your energy bills while saving you money in the process.

Using a small unit that hooks up to your electricity meter and a portable handheld device, you can see how much electricity you are using. With greater awareness you’ll become more energy efficient, as well as unearth those stealth energy eaters that cost you more than you think. Fully educated, you’re in a position to make lifestyle changes to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your electricity bills. Try switching appliances off and on – you’ll see instant results in your portable LCD display! Built-in memory stores previous data and before you know it, trying to maintain low energy consumption and beat yesterday’s reading becomes a curiously addictive challenge.

Even a tech dummy can set up the Efergy Elite within 30 seconds, featuring an easy-to-read LCD display on the front. You can bring one home for £44.95.