Edifier Spinnaker speaker system is their new flagship

Edifier has announced a spanking new flagship speaker system, calling it the Spinnaker. One look at it, and I more or less have the theme song of Jaws running through my mind. How can you not experience that with the huge, fin-like resemblance? It is nice to see a company like Edifier slowly but surely building up their portfolio to what they are today, and with the latest addition to their wares, the Edifier Spinnaker will definitely evoke a sensory experience unlike any other – at least visually on the most basic of levels.
The Spinnaker is actually a CES Innovations Award winner, standing proud at 16.5” in height, sporting a very special shape that was specially designed to project the sound towards the listener, thanks to its front facing tweeters and mid-range drivers. These will be reinforced with a downward firing bass driver that is located in each speaker. The Spinnaker from Edifier will come with a Bluetooth connection built-in, ensuring that you will be able to live out a wireless lifestyle. Of course, going wireless is also a great idea in this day and age, as that would mean one less cable to worry about gathering dust, not to mention being a tripping hazard.

The Edifier Spinnaker will also be accompanied by a USB rechargeable wireless remote that is capable of controlling the volume, track navigation and play/pause preferences without a hitch as long as you remain within a 10-meter radius (that measures to 30 feet).
I would call the Spinnaker shape that of a shark’s fin, but I guess Edifier preferred the more diplomatic route by calling it a ‘sail inspired design’, and it is not there just for looks alone. In fact, the sail inspired design is said to be able to enhance the sound in a variety of ways. Thanks to a tapered cylindrical shape, the internal standing waves and resonances cannot collect to a measurable degree in any area within the enclosure, and will cancel themselves out at various frequencies.
Not only that, the aluminum frame is also paired with internal damping materials which will reduce unwanted enclosure vibration, giving the listener(s) a more lifelike and accurate sound presentation.
It might look expensive, but the Edifier Spinnaker is surprisingly affordable, coming in black and burgundy for $349.99 a pop.