Ectaco introduces jetBook mini

Once you’ve taken a look at the title, do not groan and say “Oh no! Not another e-book reader that has descended upon us!”. Well, that might be the case, but you need not worry about Ectaco’s latest offering as the jetBook-mini will be an extension of the world’s leader in portable language learning and translation technology, empowering book lovers everywhere (whether they like flipping through virtual pages or not is another matter) to enjoy digital reading just about anytime and any place. Retailing for a dollar shy of a Benjamin, the new jetBook mini which was recently unveiled at the Frankfurt Book Fair and Consumer Electronics Show in Hong Kong, delivers all the more notable features of the jetBook family such as an ultra crisp 5″ reflective TFT screen technology, instant page turns, multiple language support and portability, all crammed into a body that sports a new look as well as 90 hours of non-stop reading time – all on just a quartet of AAA Energizer batteries. How’s that for longevity, eh? Of course, that makes perfect sense since this e-book reader will not be able to perform other functions that more powerful tablet devices can, making it a decent enough trade-off.


If you’re a stickler for details, then we are proud to say that the jetBook mini should not disappoint at all. After all, it will sport a new feel with a stylish design, and is pocket friendly while coming in a range of colors without weighing you down at just 5.7 ounces. That would mean this is the lightest e-book reader in the world at the moment. You can now read in 4 different directions with notable features which comprise of an option for Line Spacing, Line Breaking, 6 Different Font Sizes and language support.

To get things started, famous science fiction writer Robert Sawyer has graciously contributed his short stories to the mix which will be free for all jetBook owners, now how about that? Ectaco has also invited writers to send in their own written material in order to have a chance for their writings loaded to every jetBook sold.

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