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Ecoxgear reveals the EcoSlate rugged audio system

ecoslateWhen it comes to the great outdoors, many of us would have our collection of camping gear down pat — making sure that we can survive with the bare necessities if push comes to a shove. However, just in case there is a little bit of space left in your backpack that you would like to carry around, why not go ahead and be wild by toting around a portable speaker? Not only do you get to share your favorite tunes with your family and friends who are with you, you would also be able to use it to soothe or inspire yourself if you are alone. Ecoxgear knows that having a tough and rugged portable speaker which is capable of handling all the rigors of outdoor life is crucial, which is why they have come up with the EcoSlate.

The EcoSlate is deemed to be an all-in-one audio system which will merge a bright 200 Lumen flashlight, a built-in power bank and backlit buttons, resulting in the ultimate companion for any outdoor adventure. It is portable and compact, but do not let its relatively diminutive size fool you. It is still full well capable of packing a punch, boasting of a pair of 10W speakers as well as dual passive sub-woofers, while sporting a Bluetooth range of up to 100-feet for a single speaker.

So you have to go through a few bumps and knocks on your outdoor adventure. The EcoSlate is more than equal to the task, thanks to a tough, drop-proof exterior that meets military specifications. Even if you need to ford a river, fret not. The EcoSlate comes with IP67 waterproof certification, and best of all is, it even floats to make sure that whatever music that you are playing at the moment? It will not literally get drowned. The EcoSlate will arrive in Electric Blue, Grey, Black, Mint or Orange for $149.99 apiece.

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