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Ecoxgear introduces new rugged portable solutions

ecoxgearThe modern day road warrior will definitely carry his or her fair share of mobile devices, and with this, we do know that at least one of them would be a smartphone, while it is not too far off the mark to say that the other might be a tablet, or perhaps a smartwatch. Having said that, making sure that your mobile devices are well powered all the time can be a little bit tricky, especially if you are constantly on the move and will need to look far harder for a power outlet than you normally would at the office. Ecoxgear knows this, which is why they have come up with several rugged solutions for the road warrior, and they are the EcoPebble Powerbank, EcoCarbon, and Sol Jam.

All three solutions means you should have no issues with enjoying the great outdoors, since they are resourceful enough in their own way to keep your mobile devices powered up, and you, entertained. For starters, the Ecoxgear Sol Jam is touted to be the industry’s first 100% waterproof (IPX67) portable Bluetooth speaker that boasts integrated HD solar panels, now how about that? I guess you can more or less say that this is perpetually self-sustaining as long as the sun shines.

As for the EcoPebble Powerbank, this particular device will come with a solitary 2” speaker driver along with a 10,000 mAh battery charger for ultimate portability. Still, it ensures that it can pack quite a punch where sound is concerned, as well as enjoying efficient charging capabilities. The Powerbank will be IPX 67 waterproof and is also fully shock resistant, letting you enjoy it as you hike, climb, camp, or surf, among others. You can also play music while simultaneously charging up to two different devices at a time. A full charge of the EcoPebble would let it deliver more than 50 hours of playtime, and there is also a bright LED flashlight and phone control buttons for those who want to make use of it as an overnight companion.

There is also the 2,600 mAh EcoCharge that is deemed to be the perfect 100% waterproof and rugged power bank, although it does not carry too much juice by itself, making this a truly last resort style device.

Where the EcoCarbon is concerned, it is deemed to be the next key component of Ecoxgear’s latest line-up, where it will also play music while charging devices. EcoCarbon will arrive equipped with multiple mounting accessories to affix to your tent, bike, or board, where it has the ability to float on top of water, and has more than 12 hours of playtime, a 4 step LED battery meter and an LED flashlight for navigating.

The Pebble Powerbank, EcoCarbon and EcoCharge will be available from next month onward, retailing for $100, $130, and $20 respectively, whereas the Sol Jam is set to hit the market in the fourth quarter of the year for $150 a pop.

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